When a messy kitchen is better than a clean one

When a messy kitchen is better than a clean one

"What's worse than a messy kitchen?

A kitchen that's never been messy"

As I helped my wife clean the kitchen after Eid, I remembered a conversation I had with my late mother when I was much younger.

My mother was teaching me how to make tea. Over the course of making tea, I had transformed her spick and span kitchen into a smouldering mess with milk and tea spilled all over the counter and floor. I apologised to her as I watched her clean it all up and told her that I won't be messy in the future.

She told me that it was fine that I made a mess because it meant that I was learning something new. What would be worse is if I never attempted to learn anything new because I was worried that it might make the kitchen messy.

I guess that advice applies to life as well. It's ok to make mistakes. What's worse is to never attempt anything because you are afraid to make mistakes.

P.S: Yes, I can make reasonably good tea.

Photo by Ayaneshu Bhardwaj on Unsplash