Be Patient with Constructive Feedback

Be Patient with Constructive Feedback

I recently wrote an article about receiving feedback where one of the points I mentioned was "to assume positive intent".

To quote the article directly, "If written feedback seems harsh, re-read the document imagining that the person has a warm tone of voice and a smile on their face. If that changes how you feel about the feedback, then you may need to revisit your interpretation."

After reading an enlightening message from a colleague, I've come to realise how difficult it is to assume positive intent if you are used to feedback being used to belittle you and your achievements.

While you should assume positive intent whenever possible, please realise that not everyone can do that because of their life experiences.

So if you do come across people who are suspicious of your constructive feedback, don't be disheartened. Instead be patient with them. They may take more time to believe that you truly have their well-being at heart.