Trust should be a sensible default

Trust should be a sensible default

Have you heard about the concept of Sensible Defaults?

I read this definition on Steve Bennett's website, "A Sensible Default is a practice, language, framework or tool adopted as the default choice for an engineering team."

While sensible defaults are primarily used for making tech choices, I feel this concept can also be extended to people management and growth.

And the first people management sensible default that I think any leader should be aware of is trust. If you are trying to build a high performance team, not trusting your teammates is a pretty big roadblock.

I'm not talking about handing over the keys of the kingdom to everyone in your team (a topic for later maybe). I'm just saying that trusting your team to do the right thing should be the default instead of micromanagement.

This is my opinion based on my experiences with the many teams I've worked in. If you have a different opinion, let's discuss. I'd love to hear more stories on this.

Photo by Pixabay