Brain Hack to Build Habits

Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

Brain Hack to Build Habits

One of my colleagues had a problem with the amount of time he spent on social networking sites. He felt that he wasted a lot of his free time on such sites and that his time could be utilised better.

Being a developer, he came up with a solution that anytime he visited a social networking website, his browser would redirect to stackoverflow or any other site that would help him learn new things.

Over a period of time, he realised that his use of social media reduced drastically because of the increased difficulty to access it as he had to reconfigure his system's internet routing to access it.

I've learnt over time that this idea can help a lot of us. If you want to break a bad habit, make it difficult to do. If you want to adopt a good habit, make it easier to follow.

You can adapt the same idea to your work as well. If you want your team to adopt a practice, work on making it easier to adopt. If you want to increase your product's adoption, make it easier to access.

Our brain loves tasks which are easy to do. Hack it to help you.