Supporting your Teammates

Supporting your Teammates

When I joined Thoughtworks, there was a steep learning curve. I knew less than 5% of the tech stack of the new project and I was the senior most in terms of experience. And being surrounded by colleagues who were in a different league in terms of skills and knowledge didn't help with my confidence.

A few months later, my team instituted a new practice of having monthly meetings just to appreciate individual contributions. I attended the first meeting with a knot in my stomach knowing that I hadn't contributed anything significant at all.

As I stood there applauding my teammates one by one for their well deserved recognition, one of my teammates called me out and appreciated me for making the team adopt laminated story cards to reduce wastage by coordinating with the office team.

While my "achievement" paled drastically in comparison to what my teammates had done, this gesture made me feel appreciated and helped me understand that my team supported me even when I hadn't done anything significant.

A curious thing about humans is how hope and support can transform them. Knowing that my team had my back helped me ramp up faster and become a better developer. And realising that every bit of support matters also changed how I support my teammates when they need it.

If you are trying to build a great team/org culture, appreciate the little things that people do. It may not seem like doing much to you but it can mean so much to others, especially the ones who are struggling.

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