Resolving Problems in a Trust Deficient Environment

Resolving Problems in a Trust Deficient Environment

Mistrust between people can lead to disagreements that are almost impossible to solve.

I live in a small apartment complex and have a neighbour who has rented out his apartment to tenants. More often than not, whenever there is a need to do repairs, he refuses to contribute for them. The reasons range from not getting enough quotations from vendors, not asking him in advance enough etc.

One time, I decided to take up the task of getting him to contribute for a major repair. Even though it took a while, I was able to convince him to contribute without much effort. I decided to dig a little bit and understand why he resists so much. That was when I discovered that the core issue was totally different.

He had a parking related dispute with another apartment owner (a retired person) and it was usually this gentleman who volunteered to manage all the repair work.

Because of the mistrust between these two neighbours, the repair work for the entire apartment complex was affected and we all suffered for it.

You can find this happening in your professional lives as well when a person would keep finding faults in a solution just because they didn't trust the person who proposed it.

If you see this happening, try to resolve the trust issue before discussing any solutions. Otherwise you may be in for a lot of unfruitful conversations.

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