Healthy Discussions > Debate

Healthy Discussions > Debate

During a dev team discussion:

Junior Developer: What do you folks think about this solution?

Senior Developer: I think the client would throw rocks at us if we implemented it

Junior Developer: Ok (feeling insulted and vengeful)

Nowadays there is a good amount of visibility on how a discussion should not become a debate. Ideas and solutions cannot be validated in a debate as the participants wouldn't be open to suggestions. Instead they would be looking to win.

But how do you create a culture of having healthy discussions between the team regardless of seniority?

You make everyone feel valued.

If a teammate's suggestion feels incorrect, instead of striking their idea down (like the above exchange), try to understand why they suggested it. Maybe they didn't understand the problem or a constraint. They may even be aware of a constraint that you didn't know of.

Making sure every teammate feels respected and safe to contribute is the best way to ensure a fruitful discussion and in extension a great team culture.

Ignoring this would lead to teammates either not participating or thinking that they have to belittle others' ideas to win.

If you've experienced this, let's discuss.