Decaying Solutions

Decaying Solutions

A few months ago, I changed my doorbell.

While it was still functioning, its volume had become really low. After changing it, I noticed how it was loud enough to hear from anywhere in the house even when I closed my room door during work meetings.

This was significant because my family had spent many hours over the years arguing between ourselves because of the doorbell. Several people, including every family member, had spent a lot of time ringing the doorbell repeatedly because the people inside couldn't hear the feeble bell.

So why didn't we replace it earlier? Even though it no longer served its purpose effectively, we didn't replace it. After all, it was still working to some extent. So we inadvertently chose to suffer rather than fix the problem.

How many times have we done this in our personal and professional lives, where we prefer to put up with a worsening situation rather than address it, just because we believe that we already have a solution in place.

The moral of my story is that to look for such problems/pain points before you spend years suffering because of it. And once you realise that there is one, address them soon and your future self will thank you.